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222 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

(203) 637-8730

Alisberg Parker Architects is dedicated to serving clients and creating beautiful living spaces through our services in Custom Residential Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Management. The firm’s principals, Susan Alisberg and Ed Parker, work closely with every client to meet their taste, budget, and schedule. The firm was founded in 1988 and is based in Old Greenwich, CT.

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The Process:

Predesign Services includes Schematic Evaluation, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding and Negotiation and Construction Administration.

Schematic Evaluation During the first stage of design, we will get to know about you and your family’s needs. If you have any photos from the web, magazine clippings or ideas of what you are looking for in your dream home these will help us get to know you even better. We assess the existing conditions at the site and create a general design concept and elevations with a Computer Aided Design (CAD.) These plans help ensure that the renovation align with your vision, as well as helping us calculate existing coverage and FAR (Floor Area Ratio) limitations.

Schematic Design includes initial design sketches of plans and exterior elevations. If the client would like to better visualize the proposed work, perspective sketches of the exterior will be provided. While the drawings are not yet for construction purposes, they begin to define the scope of the project. At this stage we send out for preliminary pricing to ensure we stay on budget.

Design Development moves a step further, fine-tuning the drawings, making sure they conform to all code, structural and utility issues. At this stage we will also provide preliminary designs of the interior so you can feel the space inside and out. During this stage we can incorporate any additional needs of ideas you have before we move to comprehensive construction documents. We also begin to refine the choices of materials to be used in the project with an eye to sustainability and budget.

Construction Documents includes full working set of drawings with schedules. This includes all plans, elevations, sections, wall section and details, electrical plans, structural plans, plus interior elevations with details. Our services include choosing and coordinating all required door hardware, cabinet hardware, stone and tile, plumbing fixtures, electrical locations, and coordination of kitchen appliances. A project manual of specifications is also included in Construction Documents.

Bidding and Negotiation is when the Architect, acting as the Owner’s agent, sends the construction documents out to bid. We will help you to evaluate the bids and choose a contractor.

Construction Administration includes site observation and drawing clarification to assure design intent is followed by the builders. Many questions arise during the building phase of the project and we will be there to provide answers as they relate to the design. During this construction phase our firm acts as the Owners’ agent in evaluating and approving payment requests from contractors. Additionally, the client may want to secure the services of our Construction Management department. This service removes the third party supervisor and puts the building of the project in our hands as the Architects